Beach weddings are always magical affairs, largely in part to the amazing backdrop the ocean setting provides to the ceremony. With a carefully selected array of flowers, we add to the elemental beauty of the occasion, through arrangements that naturally complement the dreamlike ambiance.


Sometimes, less is more. And this is perfectly exemplified in our approach to decorating minimalist-themed wedding ceremonies. Every floral element is used in a manner that interchanges extravagance for subtlety, and voluminous vibrancy for eye-catching exquisiteness.


The desires that surround floral decorations too are touched by the influence of modernism. We are no strangers to the new-fangled. Flower arrangements inspired by geometry and abstract asymmetry can adorn your wedding, should you choose to embrace something out of the norm.


What does a special destination mean for your wedding ceremony? Whatever the inspiration might be, rest assured that Supreme Flora will amaze you with floral arrangements that not only strike perfect harmony with the unique setting, but also hold guests spellbound with their unimaginable beauty.