How to place an Order as registered customer...?

• Log in to http://www.supremeflora.lk/

• In Home page you will see a description of Supreme Flora.
• If you want to place an order you have to select each item and enter quantity.

• The items will be added to the Shopping Cart.
• Go to http://www.supremeflora.lk/ViewMyCart.aspx or click on View My Cart in the page.

• In here, you can change the existing quantities, delete items from the cart.
• If not you can add Discount /Gift coupons and continue shopping or place an order.
• This will direct you to a page contain Shipping and billing details.

• When you tick the Use above Customer Address the data will be filled.
• Then click Next and you will be direct to CheckOut.

• From here, you can continue shopping or Payments.